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Videos of Sigman, Ark, Ushiro and others didn't hurt me any, and any frustration they caused me is just part of the process. After years of training internal skills, the better videos offer really important access to what you missed when you were not ready to see. I would LOVE to see videos from the Harden camp, but for whatever reason they are too cool for school.
Dan has an express no-dice policy regarding videos.

As for other forms of dissemination, his training model is simply based on hands-on. Similar to Chris, I've never been asked, nor can I think of anyone in Hawaii who's been asked, not to openly discuss the training model or specific exercises therein. That also applies to what's been imparted here by Mike Sigman and Sam Chin.

Speaking for myself, I just don't see the point in trying to discuss online the details of methods that are so nuanced and subtle that they take years to get right with first-hand assistance and dialogue in person. Ditto for waza, shiatsu, and the other aspects of my practice.

If you've gleaned and obtained training material and knowledge through your own pursuits, then that's excellent, and is what anyone genuinely seeking to attain ability must do. If you're interested in Dan's material as a possible component, then the path is the same as for anyone else who's been interested enough to look into it.

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