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Re: The Way of Aiki

As you have probably noticed, there is a lot of scrutiny placed on the ins and outs of IP training. I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect someone who has been to A SINGLE Saturday/Sunday seminar, and given the very basics of the material to avoid attempting to explain SPECIFICS of a particular methodology in a permanent medium like the internets. There was no blood oath, and I didn't have to re-name my child, "DH". Aikido South Dojo has been specifically working on this since Feb, so no, I'm not going to broadcast my continuously evolving understanding on the subject, which would only serve to confuse people. We have had students come in, and we ALWAYS show them what we know in person, with the understanding that things will need to be updated. There are no hidden secrets/agendas/money-making schemes, but it seems a bit pretentious to explain exactly how something works after a single seminar. I think this is very different than publicly giving support for the subject matter or discussing it on a very broad level. I absolutely hate getting into this debate, but seriously, this seems like it is getting a little out of hand -- particularly since Dan isn't even here to defend himself!

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