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Cady Goldfield
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Re: The Way of Aiki

Both men and their methods are worth a close look. I pointed out I Liq Chuan in particular because it's the best of the approaches for gaining a basic understanding of IP/aiki I've seen, to date, that is openly available and accessible outside of a seminar or one-on-one training, via videos, DVDs and written material. Maybe there are better systems for developing aiki and internal power, but if they are not accessible to you, then what good are they? Trees falling in a lonesome forest.

Bernd Lehnen wrote: View Post
Oh c'mon Joe,
Cady has explicitly given Sam Chin and his DVD's as an open source. Anyone can look him up on youtube. Sam says that there, actually, is nothing to learn. But he certainly is worth a look.
So, why do you insist on Dan? What drives you to do this?

Only that I would like to say, that training hard isn't all to get good at it. Investigating intelligence and creativity, having fun, patience, consistency etc., are also good ingredients. And if we had a knack for it, if we were cut out for it, that would be best.

Of course, training hard can be fun. But so many have and haven't got very far.

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