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Re: The Way of Aiki

I really don't understand why you folks spend so much energy having non-factual conversations about your things.

I started my morning with exercises that condition my cardiovascular capacity. Moving blood through my veins at a higher than resting rate and moving more air into and out of my lungs, and breaking a little bit of sweat. I then moved onto exercises that strengthen the muscles around the core of my body. Tensing and releasing muscle groups. I finished off with exercises that lengthen major muscle groups in my arms and legs. Increased cardio capacity improves my heart's ability to function at rest, and warm, lengthened muscles are less prone to injury as I move about my day!
There now I can claim that I have provided all the details of my morning workout. If anyone were to say that I did not provide any type of actual description of what I did I will simply tell them that there have been many many threads on the subject you should use the search button. As well, there are plenty of teachers out there doing This Stuff and you have plenty of opportunities to go find out about it yourself.

At any rate, describing what i actually did is impossible because you have to do it to know what it is.
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