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Re: The Way of Aiki

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So ... aiki.
What is it?
aiki, in chinese, is hua jin. found this article sufficiently describe it . by the way, there can be only one jin.

Have you felt it?
yes. from a few in aikido and a few outside of aikido.

Can you do something you think might be aiki?
yes. don't have to think. i know i do.

Do you have the means to develop it?
yes. based on the teaching from a bunch of internal folks that taught me.

Are you searching, or remain just content to be 'told'?
always searching and questioning. never be happy with what you got; otherwise, you won't learn and get complacent and developing some sort of aiki-god complex. btw, i am an aikigod, especially, when i do pair ribbon dance with Jon in tights.

Have you sussed anything interesting?
yes. too many to discuss here.

Have you discerned any interesting principles that you can apply across a range of waza?
yes. many principles that i can apply to all of my martial arts practice.

Can you move people that resist?
yes. and depends on their skill level. can't move folks who are better than i am.

Can you take people's balance with subtle craft?
yes. and depends on their skill level. can't do it to folks who are better than i am.

Or ... are you just training and hoping one day ... It'll just happen?
it happens. you just have to work for it and do it in a methodical manner. and testing it out on unsuspecting aikido folks.

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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