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Keith Larman
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Re: The Way of Aiki

If your point is choosing a means to becoming a better fighter faster or more efficiently, well, that's fine if that's your goal. If your goal is learning a specific art, Aikido in this instance, the question starts with defining what makes Aikido "Aikido" and then from there talking about methods to gaining master in that particular art. We might then say that Aikido isn't the best choice for training warriors to head out in to battle next week and instead go with krav maga. Or we might decide that the training we'll do will focus on "deadly ninja skills" first and foremost then develop the rest later. Okay, fine, but that's all about how to train, how to get there, what your goals are, etc.

But none of those really address the first part -- namely identifying what it is to do Aikido. And if you don't start from a common understanding (which is clearly evident in this case) then I'm not sure the second conversation matters.

In other words if you believe Aikido is defined as Cady has up above then the means of getting that skill is what it is and the other objections aren't relevant to that definition.

But I'm posting from a less than optimal place while I wait incessantly for stuff to happen here. So I'm leaving the conversation. I honestly don't get it.

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