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Bernd Lehnen
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Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
I have had some touches over the years....played with John Clodig for over 35 years, with Walter Muryasz for as long, touched most of the old dogs (including Tohei Sensei in the 70's), have had Dan Harden in my home 6 times, Howard Popkin once, spent a couple of sessions with Mike Sigman back some time ago, played with a couple of good Chinese folks, with some Karate and Escrima folks as well as talked with a lot of don't don't worry about me, though I thank you for your concern and thoughtfulness.....
Thank you Gary. The list is quite impressive. But then, how come....

Gary Welborn wrote: 

Having said all of I know anything.....not likely, but I know it is out there while recognizing I may never get it.

The "you" in my last post was intended to be read as an including one. Better had I written:

Once we have got the first tiny seed of aiki, it will grow in us. We will know it right away. Of course, we are free to go wherever we want, any floor of the house, even outside the house.

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