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Re: does nikyo hurt?

At Ikashi Dojo, our nikyo hurts like hell, and that's the way we want it.

In a country when police force is insufficient and ill equipped, just forcing an aggressor down will not do it. We need something that will leave him - or her - writhing in pain, or, even better, passed out so we can run for our life.

This is the reality that those who dwell in the high spheres of philosophy do not know.

A foreign student once told me that our Aikido is street oriented, and that in some dojos elsewhere, partners do not even touch each other. This is cute, but it does not work for us.

A few days ago, my sister was dragged on the street by two men on a motorcycle who were trying to snatch her purse. The attack was too sudden and violent for her to even try to resist, and still, the purse did not come off her arm, and she was dragged into the traffic. She was lucky not to be run over, but her arm broke and had to be surgically repaired.

Try to live in a place like that, and you will want your nikyo to hurt.

Of course, in the dojo, we take care to apply any technique carefully, and to let go as soon as nage taps.
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