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Re: does nikyo hurt?

From an older post in a different thread -
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A query some of the learned folk of this forum may be able to answer. I recently had a discussion with a friend who studies Yoseikan Aikido and the differences between waza names e.g. Ikkyo, Ikkajo, Robuse. On my Yoshinkan side of the house, we are often told that the waza names come from the pre-War naming. My Yoseikan friend mentioned that the naming of Aikido waza in the modern Ikkyo, Nikkyo etc forms took place during a conference in the 60's era.

Is this rumour or can anyone confirm/deny? When in the development of Aikido did they stop using the Daito ryu waza names and start using the modern names?


Many of our Yoseikan names come from Judo and the original names that O Sensei (Pre-War) called his techniques. Nikyu is called kote kudaki in Yoseikan Budo. That being said - while pain may not the "goal" I was always taught that it was an added benefit to the technique being done correctly. Let's not kid ourselves - this is a joint locking technique. Not to mention that the literal translation of kote kudaki is "wrist crushing." I think with a literal name like that one could expect there to be some amount of pain involved. I think it really boils down to the style and what nage/tori wants to do in their relationship of working with uke.

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