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Re: Are you interrupting attacks?

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
What you are practicing is kata. Kata is a very important first step, and I don't want to put you off your practice, but be aware that there is more to it than that, and try not to present yourself as superior, just because you train 'harder' than some.
Be aware that nuance is not lost on me, whether I am on the mat or online. I'm happy you generally approve of Yoshinkan training but you can patronize the white belts. I have never used the words "superior" or "train harder" on this forum, that I can recall. But it's very difficult- if not impossible- to throw out the old, "it's great for early training." Then pull off "...try not to present yourself as superior." It seems you assume I'll feel like you when I've come along a little (or lot) further.

It shouldn't hurt for someone to come along and stir up the water, you guys. It's okay when people have different goals than you. Mine is to learn and practice throws and joint locks. I never said that was better.

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