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Keith Larman
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Re: Dowel Rod ----> Jo?

Zoe, since I know you're in Seidokan, most training in our jogi does not involve any sort of serious contact so the quality of the wood for contact isn't a major concern. Some of us in Seidokan, however, do occasionally get in to that but I'll tend to use my own jo for those demos since some people are so very attached to their pretty pieces of wood. I like mine to have dents and bumps -- it shows it's been loved but I also tend to train outside of Seidokan as well. So my weapons are pretty much banged and dinged up. And my favorite Jo for that is one I bought from Bujin trading many years ago -- 3 pieces of wood glued together with the grain opposing to form a really tough composite jo. I've named her Mary Jean... But that said, dowels are fine (in our style), but sand it down and maybe use a light wax (minwax finishing wax is nice) to protect it. If you feel splinters, toss it. It ain't worth the pain of pulling a chunk of wood out of your hand.

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