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Re: Aunkai Seminar with Akuzawa Sensei, Los Angeles, Sept 21, 22

The seminar seemed to follow a highly organized rhythm of concept, exercise and application. In other words, everything was connected to something else. The idea or concept was brought into physical awareness by the exercise and then the application (no techniques, just application of principle) would show how that newly discovered awareness or method of movement could be used to accomplish the desired result.

I found this to be infinitely more helpful than a large number of techniques or a collection of abstract principles.

What Ark seemed to present was an extremely well-defined roadmap of how to get to a more "internal" approach to whatever art you might be practicing.

Add to this almost constant hands-on corrections and illustrations from both Ark and Rob John and you have a weekend where pretty much everyone in the room was moving differently by the time they left.

There was a lot of emphasis on structure and alignment, natural rhythms of the body and getting the "most" from the least amount of effort. I have almost a dozen pages of notes to sift through; I should have a little more detail in a few days if anybody's interested.
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