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Re: Osensei's Feet of Clay

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Hi Alex, my previous post, on reflection was blunt. Allow me to qualify it by saying that IMO modern Aikido has to a large degree abandoned the " internal" aspect of the art. I believe go no keiko techniques were designed to test internal power ie can tori control a uke who is resisting fully in morote dori without having to move and unbalance them on contact? Obviously allowances are made depending on people's level of experience etc. but I think we must be careful not to lose the "testing" aspect of this type of practice. Cheers
Dear Tam the Bam,
Great Glesca nickname!!! I agree with you in respect of go no keiko.Too many people bypass this aspect of training.The problem is a lot of people neglect the fundamentals.Its important to study footwork, usage of hands, centre, developing kokyu and training the mind.This is what makes aikido training from becoming boring.Really aikido is a boring activity, doing the same thing year in year out.Yet I still continue to follow the path.I feel that I owe a debt to all the many instructors/traing partners I have met, some of them sadly no longer in the realm of the living.In go no keiko, uke initially has the advantage,You as tori have to utilise your own power, destabilise Uke, change the dynamics of the encounter ie you neutralise Uke, then you initiate an appropriate waza to finish uke off.
Later of course you can in time, use Ju Waza the implement flowing /kokyu/ki waza.According to Sato Sensei, one only gets the hang of flowing waza at godan level..Check out Saito Senseis books
for further info.Cheers, joe,
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