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Re: Osensei's Feet of Clay

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
Hi Thomas,

In the light of your posts in this thread, I would be very interested in how you understand "aiki". I should stress that I'm not looking for an argument - the way I see it has changed a lot over the last few months (one or two forum members will have a good idea who or what has challenged my view...).


P.S. Like Joe, I have known your teacher for many years
Hi Alex, my previous post, on reflection was blunt. Allow me to qualify it by saying that IMO modern Aikido has to a large degree abandoned the " internal" aspect of the art. I believe go no keiko techniques were designed to test internal power ie can tori control a uke who is resisting fully in morote dori without having to move and unbalance them on contact? Obviously allowances are made depending on people's level of experience etc. but I think we must be careful not to lose the "testing" aspect of this type of practice. Cheers
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