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Re: The Way of Aiki

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
My current understanding (bear in mind that it is changing month by month) is this.

We have always talked about circular, spherical and spiral movements, and it is widely believed that these are somehow the essence of aikido and that they differentiate it from other martial arts. To me, aiki is the generation of these movements inside ourselves so we can transmit them to our attacker, instead of using simple linear force,

No, I am not aware of any training system within mainstream aikido to cultivate this.

But yes, I am practising such exercises myself.

Dear Alex,
If you are not aware of any mainstream aikido group cultivating aiki why do you remain within your own group? It seems to me from your comments you are now a member /admirer of the gent who is no longer posting on this forum . I wouuld have thought that if indeed you are , why not embrace his theories entirely?Are you integrating them into your own practice ?If so does this make you a heretic [only word I can think , no offense meant ] with Mr K et al???Cheers, Joe.
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