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Re: Are you interrupting attacks?

Let me be a little more specific in my question- In our training, we don't preach many- if any- mental constructs, so we're left to form our own. I'm told Kancho famously (or infamously) would hold up his room or car key and say, "This is ki." In my OP, I'm refering to "the entry" so I'm familiar with motion of Irimi in the way we're taught: Do this, now this, now this. Very Yoshinkan.

This would possibly be more of an intention within the entry. Aikido at large is very nuanced and this is one of the more subtle ones. But there's something palpably "extra" here and I'm interested in anybody's take on what that might be. Personally, I don't know if the concepts are helpful in and of themselves, or if they just help us make the right moves. But I bet there are a few opinions.
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