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Re: dealing with uke from hell

Doctrinally speaking, I appreciate if uke let's me know something's not working. But in the event that they're actually screwing with you:

You have to be more careful if uke is not moving right- As an experienced shite, sometimes you really have to slow down and make sure you are getting the wrist lock exactly right. Take your time. When uke's eyebrows are raising up and down as you adjust, back off and try a couple more times- particularly with second, third and fourth control. You want to be practicing it right, after all.

If you're satisfied that lightning is now shooting from uke's arm into his brain, practice keeping tension on the lock, as you proceed to the second phase of the throw. Many Aikido techniques are complex and lengthy, so you may reach an understanding before the pin. But if you haven't, you might ask him if you're doing better now.

Repeat as necessary.
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