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Re: What Aikido waza are you practicing for bad guys?

Bill Danosky wrote: View Post
I like this. It's not how we practice, but I like the conceptual doctrine. There's something to be said for mental constructs. Do you feel it improves your effectiveness?
I think so...a little at least. It's part of my meager training/approach, which includes a more technical view too. Ironically, it helps keep me out of my mind and more into feeling what my body is doing and responding to that. Otherwise I tend to create a mental timeline of expectations that usually leaves me a step behind. At least if I focus on "cutting and expanding" I find I tend to connect a little better and maintain positive pressure more often than when I think "do ikkyo."

Thinking about this a bit more, I also really like the Shodokan basic 17 randori waza for their general effectiveness; the atemi waza in particular. Things like gedan ate and ushiro ate (which is what I was specifically thinking of when I mentioned footwork and getting behind aite) seem to lend themselves well to setting up a lot of possibilities.

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