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Re: Osensei's Feet of Clay

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Hi Tarik - wondering who is on your list. I'm thinking maybe Tamura (Nobuyoshi) and Sunadomari, after O-sensei's death. While he was alive... I don't know. Shioda? Shirata?
Besides modern exponents, some of the suggestive evidence is available in the material already presented, in video and in writing, but I'd rather not.

It is an interesting exercise from the point of view of learning to understand and see principles being demonstrated. The more time I spend training, the more cues I learn to pick up watching, feeling, discussing, and trying with my teachers, sempai, peers, and my own students. But it's off topic here, just my opinion, and the makings a of flame war. We're relatively local, maybe in person, at some clinic or pub somewhere, we can make these speculations with less of the above.

But most specifically, I don't think it's very important except in the sense that building Ueshiba up is very important to some people's aikido practice and/or world view as if what they were pursuing was not otherwise worthy IN IT'S OWN RIGHT regardless of it's exact relation to what Ueshiba was saying or doing, except as a historical curiosity.

I think being aware of more of Ueshiba's humanity doesn't take away from the message of modern aikido, but I know from that some people cannot stand the idea of their savior or avatar being human. I also think that was mostly his son's message and personal take on his father's life and message and that it probably evolved that way explicitly because of the way the world stage was playing out at the time, more than any other reason.


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