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Smile Re: Yoshinkan practitioners aggressive in discussion?

Bill Danosky wrote: View Post
Hey, my waza works, and I have proven it on a couple of occasions. So I am not vulnerable to words. I feel strongly enough about my views that I am perfectly willing to stand in the fire and defend them, and I believe martial effectiveness is a positive and beneficial topic. But if anyone else wants to resort to personal attacks I prefer they do it in person.
Dear Bill,
So you managed to use a couple of techniques on some guys?Maybe rather than good waza , you just got lucky or the opposition was poor?In my view no matter how good you think you are there is always someone bigger , stronger , meaner and faster than oneself.rather than use brawn ,I prefer using my brain.Rather than get to a point where fisticuffs are resorted to , get the hell out of the situation beforehand.Prancing around in exotic Japanese outfits,doing ude garami or some strangles for example does not mean you/any body else, will not take second prize should you encounter a guy who is equipped with more ammo than you.Let common sense prevail,not force.Cheers, Joe.
Ps Just in case you think I am a wimpy sort of chap I have also used aikido in confrontations in the past.I much prefer being friendly rather than having a macho image.