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Re: Osensei's Feet of Clay

My understanding of the Nakano Spy School situation is based on several things:
1. the accounts of the karateka - specifically Egami - they wanted Funakoshi Gigo to teach, and it was decided that "plausible deniability" was in order, so several of his disciples went instead. It was the Nakano schools decision. And actually, the Nakano school were far from the most violent minded. They actually had the ideal of minimal force for maximum effect - more similar to the American army's special forces.
2. Ueshiba did not retire at that time. He continued teaching at other military establishments for some time afterwards.
3. Yes, people said all kinds of things about Ueshiba's motivations, and interestingly, their Osensei conformed exactly to their own philosophy/worldview.
4. The assertion that Omoto-kyo was a peaceful/pacifist religion does not conform to the facts. They may not have wanted WWII, at least in the way it was prosecuted, but they very definitely were sponsors of terrorism, and fully involved with various war-supporting political factions.

I can well believe that Ueshiba was in in favor of - or enthusiastic about WWII, as it developed. He well could have been bright enough to know that taking on the US was a loser's game. But as for Japan's taking over Manchuria? And other depredations in China? He was far too close to Okawa, the sponsor-and an intellectual creator- of such actions to assume he opposed them.

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