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Re: What Aikido waza are you practicing for bad guys?

Mary, you have been around long enough to know checking out a couple of videos doesn't give you any answers. Yoshinkan dojos vary somewhat, and I wouldn't speak for anyone but myself, or claim that we are the final word in self defense- We had a senior instructor from Birankai just practice with us for a year and we learned a ton from him. But in my dojo, we are free to say, "This isn't working!" So we are not reinforcing bad habits. I am certain that makes a big difference.

Regardless, the most important thing I am trying to underscore here is that IF you have ANY impracticality in your technique, it's the dojo's solemn obligation to make sure you know. That's how we find our "limiting factor" (s) and improve. And when I say "we" I mean our practice group.

I would prefer no one finds any insult in that, but if they do I think it's worth it to deliver that message. We ALL have weaknesses. Myself included, but I am working hard to define and eliminate them. Please make sure your's don't take you by surprise. You never know when trouble will find you.

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