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Re: Osensei's Feet of Clay

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
Oh, I think I understand what the world would have looked like. My interest here was really about aikido specifically. O Sensei was apparently an ultra-nationalist before the war and certainly associated with folks so inclined. After the war he seemed to adopt this more loving and harmonious persona. I just wonder if that would have been the case if Japan had not lost the war. Obviously this is a question that can't be answered, but I wonder what the old leopard's spots would look like. He was certainly a spiritual character before the war and until his death, but that didn't stop him from his ultra-national politics in the pre-war period.
Osensei was just caught up in the thinking and spirit of the times. Most people in Japan thought the efforts to use an expanded military to conquer all of Asia was a good and noble goal.

The fact that Osensei's teachings changed after the war is pretty profound. He may not have thrown his nefarious associates under the bus as we'd prefer from where we are, but I believe he really struggled with the issues of what was right, wrong, and a mistake.
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