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Re: Yoshinkan practitioners aggressive in discussion?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I'm wondering how y'all know who is and isn't a Yoshinkan practitioner.
Sometimes it is in the signature, yes. Ivan was responding to someone who self-identified as a Yoshinkan practitioner. Several do. More to the point, of the ones that do self-identify, many seem to be aggressive. As, for example, the following...

Louis Sanguy wrote: View Post
"An attacker would have hate and anger whilst he/she attacked you, yes? aikido teaches balance, so to keep the balance you need to kill them with friendship or forgiveness"
The OSU is a giveaway, too. BTW, I'm Yoshinkan. We do some military-style ceremonies and say OSU a lot and there's some macho talk and attitude, but in general when I hear talk of killing or fighting, I don't see my dojo in the posters.