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Re: Osensei's Feet of Clay

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
I wonder what aikido would look like, what it would be called if Japan had won the Pacific War? Or if they had been successful in negotiating a peace with the United States in 1942 as Admiral Yamamoto hoped. Obviously any opinion would be mere speculation, but to me an interesting thought after reading Amdur sensei's book.
Probably it would look like old style Yoshinkan with people trying to bash each other around.

Note that Funakoshi Gichin wrote in the first edition of his karate manual that karate was a good implement for 'Japanese-ifying' conquered people. This seems to have actually happened in Korea. In a series of articles in the old Dragon Arts magazine, Robert Dohrenwend has pretty cleary showed that Tae Kwon Do is simply Shotokan Karate taught to the Koreans during the Japanese occupation, and obviously Korean kumdo is just Japanese kendo. So, this is what the future would have looked like with a triumphant Japan--we would all be doing martial arts--just as we're doing now!!

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