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Re: Book "Journey to the Heart of Aikido" by Linda Holiday

Linda Holiday wrote: View Post
I apologize for the out-of-sequence aspect of these posts. I'm just learning how to post on AikiWeb.

Here is the original post from Ellis Amdur on the thread "It Had to be Felt", to which I attempted to respond with the above posts:

"Linda Holiday, 6th dan, has published a new book, entitled: Journey to the Heart of Aikido: The Teachings of Motomichi Anno Sensei.
In addition from a lovely description of the Shingu area and the dojo milieu in the early 1970's, the bulk of the book is distilled from the teachings of Anno Motomichi, currently head instructor of the dojo. The book offers Anno sensei's passionate ideas on the moral heart of aikido.

"In a quite understandable drive to understand what O-sensei did (internal strength), the question of how to do effective technique and who Ueshiba was (a man with feet of clay and a complex life story), the indisputable fact that the statement that "budo is love" was both heartfelt and central to his vision has, recently, been given short shrift. Anno sensei returns us to Osensei's worldview, without, in any way, vitiating these other concerns.

"And I mention this book here, because there are a number of chapters where he describes, in detail, what it felt like to take ukemi from Osensei."

--Ellis Amdur

Thank you.
Hi, '
I would be interested to know why O Sensei is portrayed in the statement above quote as a man with feet of clay. A complex life?O Sensei certainly had this.As far as feet of clay is this a personal opinion or factual?Please enlighten me here. Cheers, Joe.
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