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Re: Aikido spear- Aikiso

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Here are some spear suburi and forms I've been working on over the last several years. They represent material that I feel wasn't clearly illustrated in the Aikido jo work I learned. Through my experience with the Dog brothers and other weapon sparring adventures, I realized that much of what we can do with the jo is underemphasized and easy to overlook. Through my studies of other traditional Japanese weapon systems and a deeper look into Aikido jo work, I felt something was missing from my schools jo work. Instead of reworking the existing material that I had learned (and value) I added a set of spear forms to my schools curriculum. I believe these forms, suburi and other practices can help to clarify more of what is happening in Aikido "jo" work.



Dear Hein Sensei,
Thank you for posting the vids.I found them interesting.Nevertheless the forms shown bear little resemblance to the forms Jo work that I study.Unfortunately despite my having a wealth of ken/jo video material I do not know how to post such material on the Net.For example the forms called Sansho one , Two and Three are available on Youtube I believe.Worth a look I would suggest, Cheers, Joe
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