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Linda Holiday
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Re: A New Column: It Had to be Felt

After years of reading AikiWeb, I made my first post today, to thank Ellis Amdur for his mention of my newly released book Journey to the Heart of Aikido. Then, for some reason, my post didn't appear! Only my followup post about Anno sensei's relationship to the Kumano Juku Dojo. Not sure what happened, but here is my original post, again:

Thank you, Ellis. I am so happy that Journey to the Heart of Aikido is finally out, after so many years of working on it! I wrote the book out of a sense of gratitude to all my Aikido teachers, especially Anno Sensei. I hope that this book will make a contribution to Aikido history, and will help to inspire people to practice.

And thank you for setting up the "It Had to be Felt" columns. I've read and enjoyed every single one. Ellis, what a great idea you had for this format for people to express their personal experiences and memories, and make them a clear resource for all of us.
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