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Re: YouTube: Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Ah, so we're back at that place where we think more than a handful of us would have ever heard of a martial art called Aikido if an Ueshiba had not made it user-friendly and built an organization to spread it around the world.

Maybe we should look at what the Doshu does as a baseline that anybody can achieve? Even if they are like 60 and busted up when they start. It is fun being able to train with all kinds of different people. I like it. Doesn't work that way in other martial arts.
Sure, Kisshomaru did a lot to spread the art, but Moriteru didn't, neither did Mitsuteru. I'm not a big fan of inherited privilige, they'll have to win their own way on their own, as far as I'm concerned. And even if Kisshomaru were still around it doesn't follow that his efforts ought to make him impervious to criticism of the consequences of his actions, many of which were good - but many of which were not so good.

There are quite a few martial arts that are easier for folks who are 60 and busted up when they start, so I'm not sure that I follow you here. Injury rates in Aikido are actually somewhat higher than average for martial arts in all of the studies that I've seen.



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