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Re: YouTube: Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
The problem with analyzing this kind of video is that what the Ueshiba (since the nidai doshu) have been doing is not budo embu in the koryu sense, it is more akin to business presentation.

A polished delivery to a potential customer and a clean but soulless example of the basic material. The only difference is that you are not in a hotel conference room.

If you think of it as an example of the heights of what Aikido can achieve, or as a peak behind the veil of a deep and esoteric system, you have it all wrong.

The nidai doshu was very explicit in his plan to turn his father's connection to the gods into a profitable corporation.
No - it is the same thing as what koryu do when they give embu. The shihan attempts to embody the art and manifest its principles. The difference is that Aikido is not composed of kata.
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