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patrick de block
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Re: bokken strike style

Hello Tony,

I have never trained with Saito nor with anyone who trained with him. Take my comments with a grain of salt, since I am Tomiki 'style'. Tomiki talked about Aiki Age and Aiki Sage, or rising and falling energy and that's what I saw.

And I don't recall where I've read it, probably on this forum, but Mike Sigman considers the suburi exercises of Saito as 'internal strength' exercises and in that sense he also says that the sword kata of Saito are not 'real' kata but paired suburi exercises.

And if this is all true, it is no wonder that his open hand movements and posture are very similar.

And about style, I don't care. Put some people together and let them train whatever and they will develop a 'movement dialect'. I recognize anyone who does Tomiki Aikido from miles away, but some show a functional expression and others a formal expression. And usually the formal expression is called style.
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