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Robert Cowham
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Re: Yoshinkan's Robert Mustard 7th dan and TSYR's Toby Threadgill Menkyo Kaiden, in Londo

I attended the Saturday of the seminar this last weekend and had a great time.

Both teachers are very engaging, and very clear, and have fun while teaching, while there still being serious study involved.

Mustard sensei has a very clear style of teaching, and very clear techniques. He is tremendously powerful. The most impressive aspects for me were when he showed a couple of times the speed at which he can move and the accuracy of his technique and timing - wow!

Threadgill sensei's comments and instruction were fascinating. There is huge depth and subtlety to his body conditioning and the resulting techniques he can execute. Nothing particularly flashy, but it was clear how if a person with good body structure meets someone else, then the encounter is over at the first contact. He was totally open to showing anyone in the breaks and letting you feel it directly. This is very much the direction of my own personal research and I found it very inspiring and it has given me much food for thought and further practice.

Both of these fine gentlemen were also very sociable and approachable down the pub afterwards!

Highly recommended. Thanks to Neil for organising, and to the various other attendees with whom I enjoyed practicing. If you didn't go, you missed out!
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