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Re: Beginners should not be allowed to act as uke.

Eric Schattschneider wrote: View Post
I went back and read the full blog, and I think I agree with almost every aspect of the article. The only problem is that this is only possible in a perfect dojo. And if most dojo's are like ours there is only one or 2 senior students and all new people. So there is no way that can ever happen.
I really dont think most aikido schools are like yours. I wouldn't say that most were like mine, either, but I do see a trend to topheaviness that makes sempai = uke much more possible. My dojo has a 6th dan, at least 3 5th dans, a couple, three 4ths, maybe 1 3rd, at least one 2nd, 4-5 shodan, maybe a handful of kyu folk, and new folk hover right around 3 but dont show up much. I'd love some fresh blood to take ukemi for.

THe new folk are all intimidated by our general yudanshaness. No peer(rank) role models, they think they are wasting our time when we train with them, and they dont believe us when we thank them for being good, strong, unpredictable training partners, no matter as uke or nage.

Send us some of those newbs, please.
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