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Re: Beginners should not be allowed to act as uke.

When I saw this thread, I did not know what to think, especially with all the comments like “I get weary of being paired up with a hack newbie”. That is un-Aikido to me. I echo most everyone's comments about it is good to train with a new person because it does test your current skill level. And it is very hard for a senior person to get over his or hers ego. One lesson I learned from one of my teachers is that I was always afraid to fail. I think it is a very good lesson to reflect on as you progress in your Aikido journey. Especially when it comes to working with new people.

I went back and read the full blog, and I think I agree with almost every aspect of the article. The only problem is that this is only possible in a perfect dojo. And if most dojo's are like ours there is only one or 2 senior students and all new people. So there is no way that can ever happen.

So for most small dojo's you just have to be flexible and rotate after each set of techniques and if junior students start picking up bad habits from each other, it is the senior people who need to try and correct it.

As a side note - If a senior student only wants to take Ukemi from other senior students I think that person is fooling himself in think he or she is better that they really are. Everytime I hear this I think of this youtube video -

I have to say after years of practicing, I really like guiding new students while being an Uke. I feel like I am giving back.
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