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Re: What Aikido waza are you practicing for bad guys?

Because of my job I deal with "bad guys" more than the average budoka I guess. Studying "this technique" or "that kata" with the intent to prepare yourself for a bad guy isn't helpful. When the moment comes you do what you do. In the real world I have done kata (or pieces of them) that I don't really like or care for that much ; when I was in the moment they were what needed to happen.

When I studied judo I had a few throws that were my signature throws (tomoenage, hizagaruma and haraigoshi were my top three). I'd win nearly all of my matches with them (or lose trying to pull them off). Talk about having a hammer and seeing only nails! If I lost it didn't really matter because all that got injured was my pride. After being in the "real world" I understand I cannot have such favoritism. Study each kata with dedication because you never known when you might have to pull it off.

When I have finished with a hands on situation I have never looked back and thought I should have spent more time rolling, more time on conditioning or anything like that. I always wish I had spent more time training kata. YMMV.

For what it is worth I've found myself in a position to use kamatezume (a Daito-ryu nakajo kata) a lot here lately (another kata I never spent as much time with...). Whatever works I guess.

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