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"Now, many of you would probably say that Aikido is about reacting to your opponent, there's no need for learning advanced strategy".

I think strategy starts before to wait adversaries first move.

But, in boxing, karate, chess, Counter-attacking could be devastating, terminant.

The tarjet example given by Mr. Peaty is a good one, there are many of that practicaly efective forms to hook up opponents, and the better here is that if they dont fall here, they fall there, and the worst is we are the same.

When you have the time to weight circunstances, estimate recurses, make calculations and plans do it; but sometimes you dont have it, so surprise, unpredictability, quick decision are best.

Aikido is Not pasive at all, doing so, is mediocrity. Creativity? yes, all about that.

When Musashi were writing he was surely unaware about Big Strategist in other parts of the world.

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