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Keith Larman
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Re: Beginners should not be allowed to act as uke.

Going back to the original post and blog... Um, yeah, of course, sure, it makes sense. Then again it's not always possible given class composition. And sure, there are lots of folk teaching who could probably get up off their lazy butts and take more ukemi. Heck, I'm one of those guys dealing with all sorts of physical limitations and injuries, but I still get out there, especially with beginners, to guide, to model, to help. But all that said the statement that "beginners should not be allowed to act as uke" is obviously extreme, impractical and quite simply false. If they never take ukemi they will never be anything but beginners in terms of taking ukemi. So at some point they need to take ukemi the first time. Unless you're saying they need to be non beginners in terms of doing the art before they're ever thrown. In which case I think the argument is simply silly and bordering on pedantic posturing. Yeah, okay, great, but at some point Junior over there is gonna need to find out how to fall down. Or have their wrist cranked.

So in the end, sure, yeah, I get the point underlying and agree to some extent. But the title is simply silly and adds to the perception that some take this stuff way too seriously.

"Ah great gods of Aikido, please share more wisdom with the mere mortals. How *should* it be done to be "real", "traditional" and "best"?"

Yeah, well sometimes you just get out there and do what ya can. The ideal case is great, but it is still that, the ideal case. And while we may strive for more ideal cases, reality has a nasty habit of doing whatever the hell it wants regardless of our ideals...

Just sharing what I found kind of, well, uncomfortable about the whole thread's vibe. And why I think some are reacting the way they are.

Or maybe I am that guy with the hose yelling "Get off my lawn!!!!". Please, carry on...

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