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Re: Beginners should not be allowed to act as uke.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
You really seem stuck on this point, but no, I don't think that was a major consideration for people like the police, who were his major market.

Mostly, it was his badass reputation.


You don't think that police officers wouldn't be interested in studying the legendary powers of the bushi? Now available from this short mean guy who is staying up at the ryokan on the hill there, at a ten-day seminar for the low low price of only three yen per student? You, too can restrain your suspects with the powers of Minamoto Yoshitsune himself, handed down through the fearless Takeda clan of Aizu domain! Learn the secret power that will allow to lift any man - even GERMANS! - who grab your wrist! To immobiliza multiple attackers with the press of one finger! To immediately sense an attack from behind and instantly neutralize it!

The police were modernizing all over the country around these times, right? You don't think studying with the old jujutsu guy was kind of folksy for professional law enforcement?
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