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Scott Harrington
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Re: Master Minoru Mochizuki's Book?

Here are the promised postings of Master MM's book.

There are some great foreign books out that show a different take on Ueshiba's Aikido.

Tohei gets all the big press in the United States for early pics (and influence) along with Shioda (who's imprinted distinctive stance is quite distinctive). Those two couldn't have been more different.

MM's early Daito ryu influenced Aikido, along with his other Martial arts training is quite distinctive.

The first pic is an enfolding armbar which can be quite dangerous to uke.

The second pic is a one-handed shiho nage (I am quite enamored with one hand techniques, which while requiring some grip strength are more martial in application). Two handed is wussy! (just kidding)

The third pic is a no hands pin with a 'clamping action' leading to a throw.

Scott Harrington
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