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Bruce Baker
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There is no reason to fear a forward roll ... I actually lose my balance in class and have to sit out. So if an old decrepid man can learn to roll, so can you!

First thing is to get control the that little voice that is screaming danger, and taking away your confidence. Show that voice you are in control, you understand the danger, and can overcome the elements that give you fear, take control of that forward roll.

Study the elements that make a safe foreward roll, emblazen them in your mind, then begin with learning how to round your body with the simple back roll from a squatting position.

Hey, if you can roll correctly on your back, front rolls are a snap!

Once you remember to tuck your head and round your body, the other hints and tricks will seem like child's play.

Don't let anyone force you to speed up your practice until you have confidently mastered this simple maneover.

Once that condifence sets in, practice becomes easy, even a bad roll will be effortless.

Shoulder to opposite hip, never let your head touch the mat, and let your balance happen.

That may be the other thing, you need to do some balance drills off the mat to acquire a sense of balance when rolling?

It would take too long to go into that here, but consider doing some simple balance drills to allign your sense of balance.

That might be all the confidence you need to master forward rolls.
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