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Re: Anybody doing yoga?

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Well, I think it depends on what's physically happening when you put intent into and/or through somebody. How relaxed is your body, how connected are your insides with soft strength so that when one part of you moves, all parts move together as a cohesive whole. Yoga, its lineage and inherent risks aside (which I think exist in most forms of physical conditioning), definitely provides a framework to train these things (relaxation and connectivity) if you know what to train. There's more in scope of the overall ki/jin framework that I haven't seen yoga explicitly address, but then again I'm hardly the most educated person about yoga. Aikido provides the same framework, but again if you don't know explicitly what you should be training, it's easy to miss it as well. Intent isn't a bad place to start, tho.
I agree with this. My yoga teacher is constantly encourage us to use intent to engage the bandhas. I haven't worked out the relationships explicitly, but empirically I am quite sure that there is a connection between that area of focus in yoga and what I am trying to accomplish in my internal martial arts training.
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