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Re: Meditation

While I will admit that professional meditators can probably make a lot of things work that are not accessible to me, I can't seem to find a way to practice stillness while moving around. So basically yes, it is entirely wrong for me. I don't seem to have explained what I am working on well enough to make that as obvious to readers as it is to me. I am not saying other's are definitely not meditating when they do moving meditation, I am just being skeptical since anything less would be uncivilized.

Your comment about Aikido as "moving meditation" is exactly what I was trying to say earlier, but phrased much better. Aikido and budo are what they are, they don't also need to be meditation (or fitness, or trauma counselling, or drama club). People interested in eastern traditions that don't include meditation seem to be unwilling to admit that they are not also doing meditation in some way. I became interested in meditation for this exact reason.

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