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Re: Meditation

I have never been able to make "moving meditation" work. Possibly because of my rather narrow definition of what "meditation" means. It is bad enough that I have to keep breathing, I just cannot seem to make "doing nothing for a while" work while doing stuff, because for me those things are mutually exclusive. Moving meditation rings the same as gimmicky fitness equipment to me. Being stationary and making a non-effort at lessiness is kinda what the experience is all about. Any inconvenience or lack of productivity that results is just part of the bargain.

Trying to produce results, hell even considering meditation an activity means I am still not doing it. I already spend a hell of a lot of time not doing it because I can barely get my head around the material in the first place, despite it being the very heart of simplicity. The last thing I need is to have walking, stretching, or training teasing me away from the void.

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