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WTS or WTT: Tozando Fuji Hachi No Su iaito with 2.40 shaku iaito.

I am selling or trading a Tozando Fuji Hachi No Su koshirae iaito with 2.4 shaku. I bought it for my wife but she needs a 2.30 or a 2.35 shaku iaito. It's only been used like 6 times. I am having a problem uploading pictures here and please just check Tozando website on their Fuji iaitos. It has the iron navy tsuka and sageo with chaishime saya. You an also pm me if you want me to text message you pictures on your phones or emails.

If you have a iaito with 2.30 or 2.35 shaku blade and want to trade it please let me know. It should be of the same quaility. If your iaito is worth more then I will add $$$ for yours .Or, I will sell it for $400 shipped in tbe CONUS and no international shippi g.

Thank you

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