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Bruce Baker wrote:
My 13 year old son, who has had a couple of years of basic karate started Aikido recently, and he not only did the adult class, but easily mastered many of the instructions much quicker than the usual adults who have no previous training.
Bruce, you seem to be saying that if one has previous experience in another MA before they start Aikido, they tend to catch on quicker, and I totally agree with that, actually it is obvious that that would be true. Someone who has experience controlling how there body moves from one MA, learning it from a different MA quickly is not surprising. I think that isn't even the question. The real test would to take a look at different beginners from an assortment of MA and watch how they progress over a year.

If you really want to compare an Aikidoka starter with previous MA experience vs. those without, compare total MA time, not total Aikido time, that is just unfair. ie. karate 2yrs & Aikido 2yrs vs. Aikido 4yrs (comparing two individuals with similar MA aptitude)

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