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Re: Techniques are dead: Living movement vs dead technique

Aikido is full of philosophical metaphors. We consider a technique to be "alive" when we have learned it so well it comes forward on it's own and seems to run independently of our cognition. But we are sure it doesn't really have a life of it's own, that it's really us behind it.

Wondering about that hints us something about us to ourselves. Are we truly animated by our own spirits, or is it The Great Aiki Spirit shining through us, and all things? We perform much better waza when we are in a state of detached observation, when we have "gotten out of our own way".

This is why meditation is integral to Aikido. It reveals notions worth contemplating. We can take observations from the mat and apply them to our meditation practices, and vice versa. Like discovering the transcendence of mu shin through jiyu waza...

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