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Re: question about warm-up (taisho) routine?

Paul Funnell wrote: View Post
Sorry folks I wasn't very clear in my descriptions, the advice I was given was that side to side rotation (looking left and right) and tilting forward and back movements (looking up and down) were OK but that the stretch where one ear is lifted skyward while the other moves towards the shoulder (looking straight ahead but making the world tilt) is apparently not a great idea. Having a peculiarly big and heavy head I'm wary about this stuff!
no gym (or any) teacher has ever mentioned it to me before. this does make sense. thank you Paul. I read somewhere before that moving/stretching any part of your body (i.e: moving the ear towards the shoulder) and making those cracking sound is not good..

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Turning the question back then: Why would you do it with your hands?
Natural movement of the head and neck should not require pulling.
I've always thought stretches are to stretch our ROM slightly more than we normally do so that for example when our partner apply a technique/pin on us, our muscles and joints are not too stiff?

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