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Re: question about warm-up (taisho) routine?

David Santana wrote: View Post
yes, my sensei also said that O Sensei used to teach many variations of the same techniques. but isn't the main principle supposed to be the same?

and also, the movements that intrigued me the most are the ones on 3:30 to 3:40 because I have never seen any shihans teach those movements.. anyone care to explain those movements for me? please?
There are many flavors and interpretations of principles. You put 30 people in a learning situation over a period of years, send them out in the world as teachers, each of them is going to develop a different explanation of the explanation they heard. Each of them has 30 students....etc.

at 3:30 - 3:40....I'm kind of baffled at what kind of explanation you want. They are warm ups, large coordinated movements of large muscle groups through their range of motion. I've been at plenty of seminars where this was done. Most of what I'm seeing are either warming-up range of motion movements or some variety of stretching. Don't have names. Don't have an organizing principle.

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