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Re: YouTube: Nobuyoshi Tamura in Linz, Austria, 2001

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
Did he train in something else that changed his aikido, or did he just develop naturally? Perhaps he trained in some sort of sword based art?
I believe Tamura Sensei studied for a while with Tetsuzan Kuroda in his latter years, which might well have changed his movement:

It Had to Be Felt #31: Tamura Nobuyoshi: The Sharp Blade, by Leo Tamaki

Tamura Sensei is someone I still regret never having seen in person and felt. I'm always impressed how direct and well-timed his movements are, and how different he looks from most other shihan. At the same time, there is something intangible about the way he moves that definitely reminds me of O-Sensei.


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