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Re: question about warm-up (taisho) routine?

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1. the funakogi undo from 2:43 is different from what we are being taught (in our dojo). Suganuma sensei (and the other shihans whose seminars I've attended) does it like in the video but we were taught to do it in a more circular motion.. since all the hombu dojo shihan does it like in the video, I suppose that is the correct way so do you think I should try to persuade my sensei to change the way we do it? does funakogi undo not have other purpose other than spiritual side?
Within the tradition I'm learning, (another name for it is Ame no tori fune undo) I've seen it done a little differently at different times. My guess is that outer form is less important than inner principles. This video shows it similar to how O Sensei practices it in another video. Purely for the sake of contrast (I'm making no claims about right or wrong), here's how my teacher (who learned from Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Mie-ken, Japan) does it. (@~:37)

Here's another (somewhat large) thread which has some interesting descriptions:
My teacher gives his understanding there (including on Furi tama), so it would be better than anything I could offer at this point.
Hope that helps!
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